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Collection Attorneys India Profile ::

Collection Attorneys India is legal practitioner’s attorneys firm based at Delhi in India. We are a    practicing and litigation attorneys in India. We offer full services of commercial (Business to Business) debt recovery attorneys in India and handling the debt recovery matters of manufacturing units, distribution to retail and services sectors. In the other way we handling the debt matters of manufacturing business dues, trade and trading debts, communications industries debts, Banking debts, Financial Services Companies debt, BPO debts, Real state debts, Multinational Companies debts and small business debts…………….etc.

Our dedicated teams of Attorneys assigned to the clients are very efficients, trained and Highly Experienced to deals/handling the matters regarding legal debt collection through the court procedures and court Judgments in civil recovery manner as per the Indian Law and rules.
Our Attorneys are regularly filling the debt suits/money recovery suits in all courts in India under the Indian law.
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